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Thread: AUX/USB Port

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    AUX/USB Port


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    This came with a kit I purchased when getting the 2010 radio working in my truck, but I ended up sourcing a different USB port. This particular one is from a newer Prius/Camry/Venza/Highlander, but will also fit the dash blanks on the Tundra. The difference is that the words on the cover will be turned vertical instead of horizontal like the ones specifically installed in the newer Tundras from the factory.

    THIS WILL NOT ADD USB CAPABILITIES TO YOUR OEM HU IF YOU DO NOT ALREADY HAVE USB. If you want to add USB to your stock HU (assuming it is capable of it), you would need the “MultiMedia ECM” along with all of the necessary wiring.

    This WILL, however, allow you to add an OEM USB/AUX port to your truck and wire it into an aftermarket HU that has USB in the back (this will require a little bit of work on your part to come up with the necessary wiring – I’ve not seen any way to buy the correct plug/harness from Toyota to do this directly). There are some threads on other forums detailing how people have done this:

    Since I love to tinker, and this wiring harness stuff is a bit addicting, I have managed to fashion a working 4-foot USB cable that will plug into the back of this port and has a standard MALE USB connector on the other end. This cable is included in my price for this connector. I have tested this cable with the USB port both running a wireless mouse from one of my computers, and also doing data transfers from my cell phone (via this cable, the port, and a cell phone data cable) to my computer. I’m not going to guarantee it to be 100% bullet proof or anything, but it is at least on par with the home-made jobbies in the above forum threads (and more than enough for me to be satisfied installing it in my own truck if I were to need it).

    I have not built a wire harness for the AUX portion of the port, but the above threads outline how others have made it work, and I will include the wire diagram from a 2010 Tundra that will show the appropriate pin-outs for getting things wired up for the AUX portion.

    The home-made USB cable

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