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Thread: AUX Port

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    AUX Port

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    Nothing special here – this fits into the AC Controller housing spot to feed AUX input to the factory stereo on all 2007+ Trucks (newer ones with USB have a slightly different set-up, but could be patched into). With a little trimming of the tabs, it would fit into any of the blanks in the dash/console.

    I actually have two of these, but I am keeping one of them to wire an extra AUX port to the back seat for my kids to be able to plug in and feed music without having a long cord strung up through the middle of “my space.”

    I will include the 2008 and 2010 EWD for this connector to show the connector pin-outs, corresponding signals, and where they land on the factor HU (both “integrated amp” and “separate amp (JBL)”). This will be helpful if you are looking to wire this up as a second AUX connector, or are looking to wire this up to an aftermarket HU.

    OPTION: For $10 extra, I will include the factory connector plug with a 10” long wire pigtail from the factory wiring harness. This will allow you to splice new wires to the end to build your own custom wiring harness – either to splice into the factory wiring for a second AUX jack or to add a standard AUX plug to the end to use for an aftermarket HU. Part numbers for the harness are (the total for OEM parts to build this harness would be around $75):
    (1) PN 90980-12551 Connector Housing
    (5) PN 82998-12750 Wire repair terminal

    And with the optional wiring pigtail and connector

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