This site is dedicated to Tundra owners looking to buy, sell or trade, new and used Toyota Tundra parts. It's free for individual members to post "For Sale" ads, all we ask is for you to follow these simple rules.

1) Members are allowed to post "for sale" ads immediately following registration. No waiting period.

2) All for sale ads must include at least one picture or video, price and location where parts will ship from.( if you are having problems posting pictures or video please contact a staff member)
Links to classified ads on other sites are not acceptable and will be deleted. (ads may be denied, judged or altered at anytime by staff)

3) As a courtesy please edit your thread as "SOLD" or pm a TPE staff member when your item has been sold.

4) "Vendors" must contact Administration before setting up sales or advertising.

5) No member, vendor, or potential vendor bashing in the forums of any kind. If you have a problem with a transaction please contact the party through Private Message. If the problem persists please contact TPE staff.

6) No posting of pornographic materials on this site what so ever. This includes signatures and avatars.

7) Any members found making shady deals are subject to temporary or permanent ban.

8) No "low ball reselling"! Definition: No low balling a members "for sale" item in an attempt to resell it on this site at a higher price. If you wish to buy items to resell on another site, that's up to you.

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* Tundra Parts Exchange follows a "Buyer Beware" policy which means make transaction at your own risk! TPE is no way responsible for any Deals gone bad.

* Tundra Parts Exchange has the right to modify or add to these rules at any time so please check back frequently for updates.

Thank you and enjoy your stay!

Tundra Parts Exchange staff.